Monday, July 02, 2007

Connecticut Muffin

When I was first looking for apartments in Brooklyn, I almost settled for this one on Myrtle Ave. right above a Thai Food restaurant. In the end I decided that not only was it way too far from a subway stop, but the smell of Thai Food 24 hours a day probably wouldn't be the most pleasant thing. The apartment did, however, have one thing going for was right across the street from a place called Connecticut Muffin. I don't know if I've experienced enough of Connecticut to say that I love it, but I love people who are from there, so I'm claiming that I love it, and I know for sure that I love muffins. What could be better?

Ever since I first laid eyes on Connecticut Muffin, I vowed to go there. Not only was it always crowded (a great sign) but the name just felt right. Yesterday Al and I finally made it to Connecticut Muffin and proved that though you may love two things, when combined, the outcome isn't always good. Love sushi. Love peanut butter. But together? Well, you see what I mean.
Not only were the muffins not impressive, but everything was ridiculously overpriced. It's like going to Starbucks and paying $2.50 for a bagel when you can get a better bagel across the street for 75cents. There's just no sense in it...much like there is no sense in ever going back to Connecticut Muffin again.

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