Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last night a couple of people from work and I went to Katz's Deli. I had a pastrami sandwich, and it was the best pastrami of my life. I think I'm still full.
They give you two slices of pastrami to munch on while you wait for your sandwich, which is awesome. For a $14 those two extra slices make the whole thing worth it. Actually, it was worth it.
They give you a ticket when you walk in, and if you loose that ticket they charge you $50 when you leave. It's pretty imperative to hold onto that ticket. At first I was pretty sure they were kidding about the ticket thing, but my new friends confirmed that they were indeed not kidding.
Daisy May's BBQ

The end of my first week at Magnolia ended with the most awesome dinner ever. We went to Daisy May's BBQ and all shared a whole pig, not to mention ribs, coleslaw, texas toast...pretty much every fixin' you can imagine. There is really no better way to bond with a ton of people you have just met then carving into a whole pig together.

Here is an awesome article about Daisy May's from the NY Times.

It was fantastic. Now I can cross eating a whole pig off of things that I need to do before I die. That just leaves seeing Paris, getting arrested, and buying my dad a Mustang Cobra.

From Daisy May's we went to the Me' Bar. There we were just hanging out when I looked up to realize that we were practically at the base of the Empire State Building. Man, sometimes that thing can really sneak up on you. It was one of the most beautiful views ever.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A man in the subway gave me an interesting compliment yesterday...at least I think it was a compliment. He said, "Girl, you look like the tallest Charlie's Angel."
Well, since I'm not blond and my mouth doesn't take up my whole face, I can only assume that he doesn't mean the new Charlie's Angels. He must mean the old ones, which would make me Kate Jackson. Hmmm, I don't think I look that much like Kate Jackson. Maybe he just means that I look like I kick a lot of ass.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Attention ladies and gentlemen : Kitchen Shenanigans is being repurposed. For the next few weeks I will document my transition into becoming a New Yorker.
I don't have any pictures yet, but never fear, soon I will.

I work in the Radio Wave building on 27th Street. It's in an area that is basically the Santee Alley of New York. In this little area you can find any designer knock-offs you could ever want, not to mention big hoop earrings with your name written in cursive through the middle. It's some hot stuff, and by hot I mean probably stolen.

There is a Starbucks across the street, which makes me feel like I'm back home in LA, but I long for a Dunkin Donuts in walking distance. Yesterday they had free iced coffee day and I missed it. I haven't found the one closest to me yet, but I will, oh yes, I will.

The people I work with are awesome. Yesterday they took me to opening day at Shake Shack. It was pretty fantastic. I did have to ask what a concrete was. Apparently it's just a really thick shake. Oh, the things we don't have on the West Coast.

Last night Rachel and I went to dinner at Boca Chica. It was delicious.

I really love it here. I love the subway, I love the weather, I love it!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Al, get up, it's time to go to Vegas!!!!!!!

Clearly, I'm going to have to beat you awake! Here, have some coffee.

Let's rock and roll!Ah, we have finally arrived.
Yeah!!!!!!! (just so you know, that's a plastic palm tree in my hair...just in case you thought it was something weird)