Monday, December 04, 2006

Full Fridge, Happy Heart.
There is this strange phenomenon that runs in my family. I was fairly sure that it was genetic, until I realized my sister-in-law does it too. I like to call it "full refrigerator syndrome." Everyone in my family is completely convinced that if the fridge isn't stuffed full of food, then you are out of food, and therefore you are clearly going to starve. We're not happy unless there is something we can't see rotting in the back.
Well, after weeks of working overtime and getting down to a carton of soymilk and a jar of mustard, I was convinced that I was shaming my family. Yesterday I finally went grocery shopping, and alas, the fridge is full again. I feel a strange sense of peace knowing that it's so full I could loose something in there...the way it was meant to be.