Friday, February 08, 2008

I come from a family of feeders. Some may call us food "pushers," but that sounds so negative. I prefer to thing that we just have an unhealthy need to make sure that the people around us are fed. "Are you hungry?" "Did you eat yet? I know this place you'll love." "Not feeling great? You should probably eat something." And so it goes until we make the people around us fat. We don't mean to make them fat...we just want to make sure that they are happy and full, and in making them full all the time, we inadvertently make them fat.
Now, there have been a few people (AL) who have entered into our ranks who have a little thing that I like to call "will power." You just can't feed these people all the time....they won't eat it...and this, my friends, is very frustrating.
"No, I'm not hungry." "No, I don't really like that." "No, we just ate 5 minutes ago."...I tell you, it's enough to drive a feeder mad.
Denying our food is like denying our love.

Now, I come from a long line of feeders, especially on my dad's side, and I'm not about to change now. I better damn well not have kids like Al who don't enable my "feederism." Oh, sure, my kids may be a little rotund, but that will just be a sign of my love for them. Besides, I was a fat kid, and I think I turned out pretty well. I deveolped a sense of humor and I wasn't out getting pregnant at 16, which I think are things that we hope for all of our children.
When studies come out about childhood obesity all I can think is "good on those parents..chances are they won't be taking their daughter to pick up pre-natal vitamins at 14...who cares if her ticker is a little worse for the wear, she can always loose the weight later in life and come home pregnant then."

(I tried to find a good picture of me as a fat little kid to plug in here, but I would have had to scan one in, and I just don't have the patience for that this morning)