Thursday, June 28, 2007

Apparently New York has burger madness. I've been reading about it for months now. Tons of new burger joints are opening and there is a constant debate over the best burger.
I can't say that I've been to that many burger places since I got here, but I thought I would add my two cents on the ones that I have been to.
Shake Shack's "shack burger" is fantastic. I'll go so far as to say that it is better than In-N-Out, and that's a big deal seeing how I'm a native Californian and all. They have the waffley fries, which really aren't my favorite, but then I wouldn't call myself that big of a french fry fan anyway. Their shakes are the best thing that ever touched my lips.
New York Burger Co. - Ug. Their bar of fun sauces and toppings does not make up for the fact that their burgers suck. Usually I am the kind of person who will give a place a second chance, but my burger here was so dry and tasteless that I just don't think they can ever recover. I know we had fries here too, but I don't remember how they must have been the shock of getting such a bad burger.
Brgr - I went here today for lunch. I had the #5 burger, which came with cheddar cheese, bacon and horseradish. Rarely do places ask me how I want my burger cooked...and the ones that ask rarely ever listen to me. Everything comes out medium to medium well. Today at Brgr when they asked, I said rare, because that's how I like my meat, RARE. I know there are some health concerns with that, but I don't care. Today at Brgr they actually gave me a rare burger. I mean, we're talking rare as in barely warm. It was delicious. I will go here again and again...but then I will be heavy.
Pianos - Okay, this isn't really a burger place, but they do have burgers. I had one with goat cheese that was pretty good. Not fantastic, but good.


Anonymous said...

What about White Castle..did you go there with Martin for his b'day and if so "How was it"? I have never had a white castle burger..they do sell them in the frozen section of the grocery store here but I've yet to try one..they seem to be pretty popular on the West they must be pretty good..Mom P.

Arianne said...

I left out White Castle, because I'm not sure if anything from there actually qualified as food. It was soooooo gross. The hamburger patties weren't patties at all, they were little, gray pieces of grease. The chicken pieces were onion rings, only with chicken. And if I was unconvinced that "nuggets" were a natural part of a chicken, I'm even less convinced that "rings" are. They did have good mozzarella sticks.

Anonymous said...

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