Monday, July 09, 2007

Friendly's, what happened to our love? Maybe it was just the ice cream. Maybe it was just the thrill of something that was unique to the East Coast. Whatever the case, I just don't love you anymore. I mean, I will still enjoy a tasty Fribble now and again, but only take-out.

Yesterday Al, Mom P and I went to Friendly's on our way to the train station. We got the mozzarella sticks like usual...but then I realized that I didn't know what else I wanted to order....because there really isn't anything worth ordering.
I had the sudden and startling revelation that Friendly's is just a glorified Denny's. Glorified only by me because it was just something new, something foreign.

I don't know what to say, other than I've been living a lie.


Anonymous said...

If I ever catch you disparaging Denny's like that again, so help me. Denny's is so much better than Friendly's. There is none of that pompous, "Oh, look. We're clean. We don't discriminate." crap again, I'll have to throw a cup of my "it's been empty 20 minutes now" cup of coffee at you. I don't think you would like that much.


Paula said...

Friendly's hasn't been, well, Friendly in a long time. A few years ago, they closed quite a few of their restaurants. The food has gone downhill, the waitstaff is slow and the place is not clean. All this being said, I haven't been in one in about 5 years, but I had that experience too many times which meant: don't go back.