Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cancel my trip to Japan.
I was going to go, but then I read this article about the tuna shortage in Japan. Now chefs have to find alternatives...like horse. The article goes on to say that horse is a delicacy there, but I'm going to have to refer to the eating pig conversation in Pulp Fiction. Granted Samuel L. never said that he couldn't eat an animal because it had personality, but I think if you take the conversation one step further, you could rationalize that you wouldn't want to eat an animal with personality either.
Now, I know what you are thinking...doesn't a cow have about as much personality as a horse? ...And I eat cow. Well, I've never spent a lot of time with cows...but I did spend some time with horses, and they grew on me. It's for this very reason that I avoid spending time with cows. What if they started to grow on me? I wouldn't want that. I can't undo the bonding experiences that keep me from being open to eating horse, but I can avoid fraternization with cows in an effort to keep my meat eating alive.

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Anonymous said...

I'd eat horse. I'd eat cat. I'd eat damn near any animal. There is one exception. That is dog. I would never (save the treat of death and that would be pushing it [unless it was a small yappy thing that I just want to kick anyway]) eat a dog. I would definitely eat a person. Um... if it was an Alive type situation... Anyway, I bet horse would be pretty good. Very lean, though maybe a touch on the tough side. I'd eat horse.