Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fort Greene restaurants, I will get you all.....

Olea: The other week Al and I went here for brunch.
It was fantastic. The coffee was delicious.
The lady sitting one table away from ours ordered decaf coffee. When it came she freaked out and asked a thousand times to make sure it was decaf. Then she had the waitress go remake it for her. Now, I don't like decaf drinkers to begin with. After waiting tables for almost 6 years, I know a thing or two about the people that order decaf. First and foremost, they are missing the best part of drinking coffee, and secondly, these people are high-maintenance (for the most part, unless they are old, and then I totally understand the decaf thing, because if you're going to bed at 5pm, there is really no cause to get all hyped up). So, sometimes I get a little fired up about these things and I start going on my little rant to Al about stupid decaf drinkers...for the most part I'm trying to be quiet, but I'm not too concerned because who cares if she hears me because she's a stupid decaf drinker, the bain of my table-waiting experience. So I'm going on and on, through the toasted baguette with nutella (delicious) when finally, the lady stands up to leave and she's big ol' pregnant.
Wow, I am a jerk. Here's this pregnant lady trying not to make her baby come out with ADHD, or whatever babies get when you drink caffeine while pregnant, and a table away I am basically calling her a jerk to her face.
Yep, I can be pretty awesome sometimes.

Despite my shame, I enjoyed a French omelet. It came with a salad and a baguette. I mean, it's was that kind of delicious where you don't know if you would really ever order it again...because I kind of only like smoked salmon cold and on my bagels, but I'm glad I tried it so that I could come to that conclusion.
Al had the green eggs and lamb. Also delicious.

Check out their website. It has a slide show of picture of the restaurant, the menu, and talks about all the different special nights they host.

The same people who own Olea, also own Cafe Lafayette, where we went last Friday night. They serve water in little, tiny glasses, but give you a wine bottle full of water to refill your own glasses. As soon as we sat down I spilled the water all over myself, and the rest of the night was a careful ballet with my trying to avoid hitting the water bottle.
I had the Lafayette burger with grilled onions and goat cheese. You could really put goat cheese on anything and I would love it, but this burger was especially fantastic. There were all sorts of herbs and seasonings mixed into the patty, and the whole-wheat bun was crusty and fantastic. The fries, oh the fries. I guess that everyone has their own ideas about perfect fries, but my idea of perfect fries are the French-style pomme frites. I love the thick fries that are a little crunchy on the outside and all mush on the inside.
Al had the lamb. It came with the fresh green-beans that were delicious, but since Al is reluctant to eat any green beans that don't come out of a can, I took it upon myself to eat them, and they were delicious.
My body likes to mess with me, and give me the urge to sneeze right when I have a mouth full of food or liquid. Ah...I remember the time I sneezed hot chocolate all over my dad. He was a good sport about it, but since then it's been a constant battle with food and beverage-filled sneezes. I thought it was only me, but to my delight the man sitting behind Al at Cafe Lafayette sneezed and I glanced up just in time to see a look of disgust come over his face at the sight of his food-filled palm. HA! Yes. I got the giggles a little.

The place itself is really cute. We sat outside and our waitress was fantastic. She was really cool about me spilling water everywhere.
The lady sitting next to me ordered the vegetarian couscous and it looked amazing. That is what I'm getting next time.

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