Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Saying that something is an acquired taste usually means that it is disgusting. Such it is with dates. First of all, a dried date looks like a cockroach. Second of all, it tastes like rotten sugar. But take that same nasty date and blend it with vanilla ice cream, and you come out with something magical. Ah, Hadley's, home of the date shake.
I must admit that when my Gammi (my dad's mom) took me there when I was a kid and told me she was going to buy me a date shake, I was less than pleased. Not being one to turn down food though, I reluctantly tried it. Then I asked for a large. Then I asked for another.
I have probably only had three date shakes in my entire life...probably because Hadley's is out in the middle of nowhere. I had one on Sunday when Al and I were on our way back from the Palm Springs Film Festival. After going to Hadley's for a date shake, we went to A&W for burgers and root beer floats, because my logic tells me that the only thing to do is follow ice cream up with more ice cream. My logic is incorrect. My logic next tellls me that Tums are my best friend. It was correct on that account.

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