Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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After deciding to start a food blog....well, let me go further back. After discovering food blogs existed, and starting down a cycle of addiction where I no longer worked at work, I took the advice of a wonderful foodblogger at The Delicious Life and took the next step...I started my own food blog. I had a blog blog before this, and it was funny, and I even had a couple of fans. I thought that combining my two loves, food and speaking (that includes writing) incessently, I would achieve a new level of comedic genius. Alas, no. I was re-reading my blog posts today and I have to say, the whole thing is very unfunny.
Perhaps this is because I have limited myself to the subject of food, and there really aren't that many funny things to say about food.
I consulted my old blog for answers. Let's see here....a post about Pop Tarts, a post about dinner with my parents, a post about dinner with Al....
Damn! The idea that food was limiting my funny potential was completely crushed by the fact that most of my posts on my old blog are about food.
Well, there must be an answer. I'm sure it is that I have been working too much. I'm totally drained by the time I get home...there is no funny left. I guess I'll just have to quit my job.
"Al, you have to pay all the rent and all the bills!" I'm guessing from the look on his face that's a no. Damn.
Well, I guess everyone will have to deal with an unfunny blog...and you all have Al to thank for it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Al! Jerk! I come here to break the monotony of my day with good food humor, but alas, you have go and ruin it by the miser I've always know you to be. I fully believe that you should pay 100% of the rent, 100% of the bills, and 100% of the food (and more of it to further the funny) for the sake of Arianne's (and inturn, my) benefit.

From this point forward, I will make it my life's work to destroy you unless you do the right thing. Pay the girl her due! Porro ago victus iocus!

Arianne said...

Nobody worry, I am printed a batch of "Down With Al" t-shirts as we speak.

Anonymous said...