Thursday, November 15, 2007

Behold this beautiful sandwich. It was delicious. The best thing is that any deli you go to around here is pretty much guarenteed to be good. I didn't feel like I had enough good sandwiches in my life in CA, but here they are everywhere. I don't think I've had a bad sandwich.
We got this at the bodega around the corner, on Lafayette. Not the one close to the laundry mat, because that place sucks. I've never had a sandwich there, but they did neglect to give me my change one day when I bought a soda there. When I asked for it, the guy behind the counter didn't speak english, but I'm pretty sure that "give me my damn change" is universal.

What I really want to do here in NY is eat the bad for me sandwiches. I mean, if you are into the whole carb thing, all sandwiches are bad for you, but I believe in the healthy sandwich...and yet I find myself pulled toward the rubens and the pastramis of the sandwich world.

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