Thursday, November 15, 2007

Airplane FoodWhen Al and I went to LA last weekend for Jon and Corrinne's wedding we flew on Virgin America. It was a pretty great flying experience. Personal tv. Nice seats. You can buy your food from your seat and all that good stuff. I am normally opposed to buying airline food...okay, I'm always opposed to it. You want me to pay how much for something you should be giving me? No thanks. I will buy my food in the airport.
On the way home we got the row of seats with the broken tvs. I'm surprised that Al's little heart didn't break, but he kept it together and got us some free food out of it. Good man.
For airline food it was pretty delicious. Of course you can bribe me with a toblerone bar and I'll say just about anything. Al fell asleep after we ate. I stole his toblerone. Should have been quicker man.

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