Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love and CommunicationI don't think we ever ate that much Indian food when we lived in Venice. There was a fast food Indian place around the corner from where I worked, and it was cheap and delicious, but all the Indian places around where we lived were rather expensive.
Now that we live in Fort Greene, there is an Indian Food place around the corner that has become Al's favorite place to order food from (second only to the pizza place, which he knows I will only eat every once in a while).
Every time we are starving and don't want to cook, or I'm on my way home and he wants to have food for me when I get there, or if I just refuse to cook because it's a million degrees outside and turning on the stove or the oven could be the thing that ruins the perfect balance that our air conditioner and the stinky, humid hell that is New York in the summer...we order in. I love our Indian food place, don't get me wrong. It's just, well, the family that owns it choose the family member with the least knowledge of the English language to work the phone. Calling in an order is like undergoing some form of Indian torture. Just when I am sure he's heard me, he repeats what he thinks I said...and then we have to start all over.
"What street?"
"Carlton, between Greene and Lafayette."
"879 Huston."
"What? No! That's not even close to what I said."
"Okay, we will be there in 15 minutes."
"What? You don't even know where I live!"
"Yes, we have that."
And on we go, until I'm just about to loose my patience, and then he just says it will be right here and hangs up on me when I'm mid-sentence. Somehow it magically finds it's way here. I don't know how...unless that old dude is just messing with me the entire time and his family, who have probably all been speaking English from birth, is in the background cracking up. I'm sure they have caller id and every time I call he's like, "Hey, everyone, it's that really high-strung white girl again. Let's mess with her."
Actually going into the restaurant helps, because then I can just point at what I want...but when my goal is to escape the heat, going in completely defeats the purpose.

But the food is so good. Ah.....

Taste of Indian Cuisine
723 Fulton Street (at Lafayette)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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