Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here are some delicious sandwiches that I have been making:
This is my super-healthy sandwich.

When I was a kid, my parents would make tomato-burgers.
They consisted of a whole-wheat hamburger bun with a little bit of mayo and Spike seasoning. My mom would send me to school with one of these in my lunch, but the tomato was always in a separate bag so it wouldn't make the bread soggy. How I longed for just a normal peanut-butter and jelly like the other kids, but no, I got a tomato burger.

Well, I must have secretly liked their hippie sandwiches, because now I eat food like this. The avocado sandwich, with a little bit of mayo, 21 Season Salute from Trader Joe's, spinach, and avocado. Thanks hippies.

I made this sandwich for Al with turkey meatballs and organic marinara sauce. It's almost healthy, but then I used butter to toast the bread in the pan (still no toaster) and kind of cut down on the healthy factor a I like to do.

I have to balance the healthiness of the first sandwich with this blatant disregard for calorie content.
This, my friends, is a Fluffer-tella. Fluff and Nutella, together, on white bread. Delicious.

Take that hippie parents who never gave me the standard PB&J when I was a kid. I'm all grown up and making what is probably one of the most un-nutritious sandwiches in the world.

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