Monday, February 05, 2007

Okay, so I know that this blog is/was supposed to be about food...but here is the thing, in support of the cause (and the cause being good food) I am determined to move to New York.
I am in the city for a week to look for a job.
Right now I am held up in the Aroma Espresso Bar. I already had one large latte, but I fear that I will need one or two more before I go outside and brave the 17 degree temperature again.
17 degrees? Whoever heard of such a thing? Not me.
I'm pretty busy with interviews and whatnot, but I am making time to fit in all the good food that I possibly can.
Yesterday I went to a restaurant called A7. I had the eggs benedict with red pepper sauce instead of hollandaise (I'm just going to go ahead and spell that however I want). It was delish.
Al made me informally promise to not have pizza without him, or if I had it, to at least not enjoy it without him. I'm not sure how the whole "not enjoying it" thing would work out. Maybe I'll have to make a mental note to say "yuck" after every bite.

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