Thursday, February 22, 2007


I found this picture, which I had meant for a post about Google's Christmas party.
Needless to say it's not quite as fresh in my mind as it was right after this picture was taken, but people from Google are a little too happy.

I did find one subversive member of the Google clan, who told me that working at Google was like living at home with your parents.
When he would try to leave for lunch they would say, "Where are you going? Surely you aren't going to lunch. We made you a nice healthy lunch right here."
When he would leave to go have drinks after work they would say, "Surely you aren't going out for drinks, we have drinks in the conference room every Thursday. There's no need to go out."

I was struck with a strange mixture of disgust and envy that I still haven't reconciled.
It seemed a little cult-ish, but in a good way. The way that Scientology was oddly attractive to me before Tom Cruise started jumping off couches.

A smart person would have though twice before eating the cookie, but I didn't.

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