Sunday, September 03, 2006

The best month of the year has arrived. We can all start mentally preparing to celebrate my birthday on the 22nd. I know I already started.
In celebration of me, I took myself to Sur La Table and bought some fun kitchen stuff.

1. another loaf pan....because really, who can live with only one loaf pan? Almost every recipe I have seen for bread makes to loaves. My single loaf pan was getting awfully lonely.
2. A French Press. My coffe maker took a dive. Instead of buying another one, I decided to be very European about the whole thing. Coffee will be better from now on.
3. A biscuit ring. I could use this someday. Not today. In fact, I have never made biscuts before in my life.
4. A wine stopper. Because putting the cork back in is for barbarians.

I also took myself to ther Farmer's market by the Promenade.

Then I did something that no one would have ever expected. I bought myself a pair of shorts. I don't think I have voluntarily worn shorts since 1998, but everyone was on to my game of wearing nothing but pants. Time to shake things up a little. Whoops, I almost type "shank" things up a little...which is either a lamb joke or a prison joke.

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Greg (your bike tour leader) said...

Good work! It was nice to meet you and tell your dude he's got a great girl. I made two other comments to earlier posts.