Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I can't believe that I haven't posted a blog in so long...it's not like I haven't been baking up a storm...I certainly have. Last weekend I made almond cookies, thumbprint cookies, and my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies (which is hilarious, because she just uses the recipe on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag, but for some reason her cookies always taste better than everyone else's...she says it's because she uses real butter...but there's something else to it.)
When I was a kid my grandma, who we all called Gammi, lived with my mom and dad and I. She loved Christmas. She was pretty much the best person in the world. She loved people unconditionally and always helped anyone who needed it (lucky for me I got surrounded by a family full of people like that). She passed away when I was 14, and it's really weird to think that I've been alive almost as long without her around then with her around. Since she died Christmas hasn't really had the same feelings around it. I didn't think it would until I had my own children, but I have to say, living here in NY, well, Christmas really feels great again. Everyone seems happier and more giving. It snowed a little and everything is lit up. Everywhere you go is so crowded that you know people are flocking here to feel that wonderful feeling of Christmas in New York (and to shop).
I'm eating too much and the pants that fit last week didn't really want to go on today...but man, this is Christmas in New York...and who am I to judge me?

I guess I better soak up all this over-eating now, cause my New Year's resolution is to be vegan.

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Jonathan said...

Well put my dear. There's nothing like Christmas in New York and nothing ever replaces those you love. Happy Holidays.