Sunday, November 04, 2007

Today we went to the Fairway Market in Redhook. Even though getting there required a subway and a bus ride, it was totally worth it. It's pretty much the best grocery store ever. The prices are great, and they have everything. I would do all my shopping there, but I'm not sure how I would maneuver my granny cart on the bus. If Al wasn't there and we didn't have to get home for the start of the Pats/Colts game, I think I could have stayed there all day.
One of the best parts is that it is right on the water, and right across the water is the Statue of Liberty. It's the closest I have ever been to the lady, and it was a pretty great view. I don't have a strong desire to actually go out to see her up close, or climb stairs, cause really I already climb enough stairs, so I'm good.


Rachael said...

WAIT JUST ONE SECOND...what on earth is a Granny Cart? Is that a real thing? I just thought it was the (somewhat bizarre) name of a Learn something new every day...but seriously, what is it?

Arianne said...

It is those fold-up carts that everyone in NY know, so I can take my laundry to the laundry mat or get my groceries home. I have a really big one, but they come in a few different sizes.

Arianne said...

I'll post a picture on my blog.

Anonymous said...


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