Monday, September 17, 2007

Why my teeth hate me, and other life updates:

Last year, right before my 25th birthday, my teeth decided to rebel. I had an infection that caused half of my face to puff up and I had to be on antibiotics (therefore totally sober) on my birthday. Not only did I look hot with a super-sweet swollen face, but I didn't feel that great either.
This year, because I'm a sucker for tradition, my teeth have once again decided that the place for them is not in my mouth. (you can't see me, but I'm shaking my fist at the sky) I had oral surgery on Friday and have spent the last few days hopped up on Vicodin and knowing the mental fog that only painkillers can bring. My birthday is on Saturday. Hopefully I will be done with antibiotics by then.
I threatened that I wanted them to just pull the teeth and give me dentures, but then my grandma said that since she got dentures, her sense of taste has been impaired. WHAT??? No sense of taste? I might as well not go on living. Seriously. What kind of sad, cruel world would it be with no sense of taste?

On a happier note, my friend Karen is flying in from LA to visit me for my birthday!!!!
Yeah Friends!

Onto the topic of my upcoming nuptials. I am hard pressed to find a place that I both like and can afford. The whole wedding industry is a scam and all the engaged people in the world are it's blissfully unaware pawns. A lot of the places that are affordable just aren't that great...and let me tell you, I would rather not do it at all then do it in a New Jersey banquet hall with red carpet and gold accents everywhere that looks like the mafia is just using the place as a cover for something...although, isn't the wedding industry profitable enough? You better be selling crack by the pound if you are using a price-gouging establishment like a banquet hall as a cover. I mean, $150 per person for dry chicken breast and dinner rolls is a pretty freakin high profit margin.
Al thinks I'm a snob...but I didn't just go on a shopping spree at French Connection UK, so there! Whose the snob now?

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