Saturday, September 01, 2007

Catching Up
Much to the chagrin of Al, we haven't had internet for a few weeks. Last Friday, yours truly stayed home from work and waiting for the DSL man.
Once again there is happiness in this apartment. And I can finally post all these dang food pictures.

The above picture is of this wonderful chicken I made for dinner one night. I made it with one of those Indian bottled sauces from Whole Foods. I would tell you what sauce, but I forget.

I made baked apples for desert, only to discover that Al isn't such a big fan of the baked apple. I think his exact words were, "yeah, baked apples don't do me a whole lot of good if they don't have crust, or at least some sort of crumb topping." See what happens when you try to be a little healthy around here? Not that it was exactly lo-cal with the amount of brown sugar I put on it.

Isn't the saying that necessity is the mother of invention? Well, that's how I remember it.
One time Al said "just taking a stab in the dark" instead of "shot in the dark" and when I called him on it, he just leaned in really close, and in a threatening tone said, "lady, I carry knives, not guns." Point being, sometimes there really is nothing to make, and I gotta eat, so I'm forced to make something this wonderful side dish. I had a green pepper, some sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and a can of potatoes. Saute up those veggies, add those potatoes, and throw on a little crushed red pepper, and you've got a pretty tasty concoction. It's dishes like this that earned me the nickname "Macgyver of the kitchen."

And it's cupcakes like the ones above that earned me the nickname EVIL. They are moist and good, and I made Nutella frosting for them. I started off with a basic buttercream frosting, but then cut back on the sugar a little and whipped in 1/4 jar of Nutella. It was delicious. I ate, well, I ate a few, but let's not talk about it.

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