Sunday, October 15, 2006


Allow me to begin by saying that Scissor Sister is the best band ever.
That being said, let me continue by saying that I hate carrots...but I love carrot soup. I know that doesn't seem like it makes when Al says that he hates cheese but his favorite food is pizza. Hello? Pizza is all about the cheese. Not to mention that he also claims not to like tomatoes, another integral part of pizza. Well, I guess I have now discovered that we are perfectly matched freaks, cause I am digging this carrot soup. It's a texture thing. I hate crunchy. I don't like crackers or croutons, but I do love tortilla chips, only because they are the vehicle that brings guacomole and salsa to my mouth, and for that I thank them. I don't even like cereal if its still crunchy. I put milk on it and then go finish getting ready so that it can get nice and soggy before I eat it.
So, I made a huge pot of this carrot soup, not realizing that Al is opposed to any soup that doesn't come from a can or a box, so I've been stuck eating the whole pot of soup by myself, which normally I wouldn't mind, but I think I'm starting to turn yellow. This is no joke. It's a huge pot of soup, and I'm down to the last bowl. I better have the best freaking eye sight in the world after this.
The recipe can be found at Slashfood. (I doubled it because I'm silly)

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Anonymous said...

Enough with your carrot soup. Every day, I check your page to see what food stuffs you have cleverly chronicled and all i keep seeing is your damn carrot soup. Cook something else. Al is small enough as is. He need some food.

Have a good day and see you in a week.