Tuesday, August 08, 2006


If I died tomorrow I can only hope that I have lived a good life and deserve to go on to a better place.....a place with every kind of sugar I can think of.
I was in New York over the weekend with Al and his friends and family.
I should preface this story by saying my family doesn't go on vacations, we go on eating adventures. The agenda of the day isn't "what can I see here that I haven't seen before" it is "what can I eat here that I haven't eaten before?"
This trip, the never-before-eaten item was a frozen hot chocolate from Dylan's Candy Bar. Oh, sure, I ate a lot of thing there that I had eaten before...indeed I ate my way through New York City...but the culinary highlight of the trip was the frozen hot chocolate.
I had been planning my trip to Dylan's before I even got on the plane. I had tried to go there once before, but didn't make it until after closing. Us West-Coasters like to truly imagine that nothing in New York ever closes, so when something actually does close it kind of shatters my whole perception of the city.
After dinner my boyfriend, his parents, his friend Ed, Ed's girlfriend Chris and I all started the several-block hike to Dylan's. With complete disregard for the fact that I was completely full, I walked briskly toward it. It was then that I heard, "Gee, we better hurry, it's 10:45 and they close at 11." Without a moment of hesitation, Chris and I broke out into a full run. We ran the rest of the way there (did I mention it was really hot outside?). We saw the promised land, and it's name was Dylan's. We ran inside and took our place in line, sweating profusely.
I took the liberty of ordering for everyone, despite what they had actually asked me to order for them.
My dad always told me, "Honey, don't go to a steak place and get fish." The same must be true for all places. You get what they specialize in...and I wasn't about to go to one of the only two places on earth that I know of that serves frozen hot chocolate and get something besides that...and I wasn't going to let anyone else do it either.
Turns out that frozen hot chocolate is just like a thin chocolate shake, but that wasn't the point....the point was that I had never had it before and now I have, plus they had this crazy looking candy sundae that I'm really going to need to try next time I'm in town.

Apologies, as the picture above is not mine. I was far too busy sucking down my frozen hot chocolate to worry about pictures.
The picture below, however, is mine. The caption should read, "Last night I watched my girlfriend run the farthest she has ever run in her life in the pursuit of dessert. Well, at least the girl has her priorities. Her belly is touching me. I'm pretending that's cute."


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool Arianne..I just read the whole thing to Dan..We had a great time..alot of fun and alot of wailking but it was worth it..Til next year!..See u later..Love Mom

KT said...

I LOVE Dylan's Candy Bar. It reminds me of when I was little and we had this creek behind our house, and I used to imagine that on the other side of the creek there was a store that looked exactly like it.

There wasn't.

But I'm glad I finally found it. :)